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 Front-end Integrated Creative Organization focuses on the idea of being ahead and providing a flexible service plan to satisfy diversified customers’ needs. As the front-end aesthetic era is coming, the magnifying power of brand personality and the communication of brand tonality will also become the biggest standard of brand design in the future. The commercial design will gradually take over the traditional single-category design, which is particularly important in the multi-art cross-boundary and complex expression. Tohsi Creative has a diverse team of young people who are innovative and practical and are inclined to bring more impact to brand customers with a wide range of designs and planning options. “Create a personalized brand to be followed by the era” is the core idea that we will always adhere to.

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Heat Imaging

The inspiration derives from thermal imaging which consists of various warm colors, we are using the color transition to represent changes of temperature and different colors to express changes of mood. The color combination in thermal imaging is unique, and the bright orange part stands out without making the entire look too flashy.

Freehand Line

The inspiration of Freehand Line comes from what we see in daily life, the desert in the mirage, refraction of light that fools our visual. Freehand Line also represents freedom in expression, there is no need for a straight line or strict rules to follow.

Warning Line

Taking the inspiration from a cordon, the black and yellow combination is eye-catching and gives the message of “warning” or “Stay out!”. It helps the person that wears it to bring out the inner strong character.


The inspiration for the fingerprint design derives from the fact that every fingerprint has its own uniqueness and there is no repetitive pattern. So, through this design, we want to show the uniqueness of our product and why it stands out from other brands.

Go Radar!

Our designers always thought that the radar display of black background and green line will give a matrix feel to the socks and create a fashion statement. Therefore, the inspiration of colors and fine details of the green line is taken from radar and implied in the design.

Saint River

The inspiration comes from one of the most beautiful nature’s natural wonders, Antelope Canyon. The beautifully carved out smooth and flowy sandstone surface with natural light reflecting off the canyon walls captivates anyone who sees it, like a beautifully painted picture.


The names of Half-blood is inspired from the two human sides. In different time and space or different angles, different sides will be shown. The two might not intertwine directly, but inevitably coexist. The half-blood series is a combination of red and white, where red symbolizes passion and fire, and white symbolizes innocence and purity. The combination is to empower positive connotation.


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